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 All Categories    PFA Wide and Narrow Mouth Graduated Bottles with PTFE insert
Products of Fluoropolymers
& Other Non-Contaminating Materials
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PFA Wide and Narrow Mouth Graduated Bottles with PTFE insert

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PFA bottles have been tested by an independent laboratory and found compliant with United Nations protocol for the transport of dangerous goods.
Testing was based on the equivalent of a bottle filled with 96% sulfuric acid, 37% hydrochloric acid or nitric acid (40-70%).
Drop Test: a bottle filled to 98% capacity was dropped from height of 2.85 meters (9.33 Ft) onto a concrete floor. No breaks or leaks resulted.
Leak Tests: Bottles were internally pressurized to 4.4 psi using air. No drop in pressure was detected. Bottles were hydraulically pressurized to 36psi. No leaks developed. Bottles were tested by vertical vibration, bounce and rotation for one hour at 250cpm. No leaks developed.
Available in narrow or wide mouth. Wide mouth denoted by "W" at the end of the part number.

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Item #



Mouth Type

GBT5009-20 PFA 20 ml Wide
GBT5009-100 PFA 100 ml Narrow
GBT5009-100W PFA 100 ml Wide
GBT5009-250 PFA 250 ml Narrow
GBT5009-250W PFA 250 ml Wide
GBT5009-500 PFA 500 ml Narrow
GBT5009-500W PFA 500 ml Wide
GBT5009-1000 PFA 1000 ml Narrow
GBT5009-1000W PFA 1000 ml Wide
GBT5009-2L PFA 2000 ml Narrow
GBT5009-3000 PFA 3000 ml Narrow
GBT5009-5000 PFA 5000 ml Narrow
  Results 1 - 12 of 12 1 

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