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Catalog Number BOI5021-450L, PTFE Boiling Stones

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Jensen Inert PTFE Boiling Stones are packaged in convenient 1 lb. non-breakable plastic jars. They are an optimum size mix for general laboratory use. The stones are specially processed and handled to assure complete cleanliness and purity.
  • Resistant to almost all chemicals
  • Minimize superheating
  • Ideal for boiling organic liquids
  • Won't scratch glassware
These ultra-pure PTFE stones promote gentle, efficient boiling, even of highly volatile liquids, and minimize bumping during reflex and distillation. They are ideal for continuous extraction methods (i.e., EPA SW846). They are not affected by boiling acids, hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols or alkalies. Easily cleaned and non- contaminating, Jensen Inert PTFE Boiling Stones show no trace of acidity or alkalinity and leave no powdery residue.

Jensen Inert Boiling Stones have the complete chemical Inertness of PTFE. They effectively promote gentle efficient boiling by having many projections on which small bubbles can form. Thus, small amounts of vapor are released at many places on the bottom of the flask or test tube, preventing superheating, with its erratic and undesirable “bumping" vaporization.

Jensen Inert Boiling Stones speed distillations and make possible sharper separations in distillations. They are also useful in evaporations, extractions, refluxing, condensations and other boiling operations, and prevent losses due to flask breakage. Three or four of these special granules will provide the boiling action required in a test tube, while a dozen or so will do the job in a distillation flask.

These inexpensive PTFE stones can also be used for various other laboratory applications such as column packing, filter bed support, and mixing beads.

  1. Being chemically inert, PTFE Boiling Stones show no trace of acidity or alkalinity. No neutralization is required prior to their introduction into the chemical reaction.
  2. They have been specially manufactured with sharp projections and irregular surfaces to provide innumerable points for the formation and release of vapor bubbles. Thus they serve as excellent anti-bumping agents during boiling, speed distillation, reduce flask breakage and significantly reduce watching time.
  3. They have unlimited life with unreduced efficiency due to the inherent toughness of PTFE. Unlike the more brittle ceramic-type stones, PTFE Boiling Stones are not subject to disintegration or attrition by agitation during boiling, stirring, cleaning, etc. The sharp projections and irregular surfaces remain intact after countless uses. Thus, not only is extended use achieved but there are no fines or powder created to contaminate reactions.
  4. PTFE Boiling Stones can be easily and thoroughly cleaned by autoclaving or washing in acids, alkalis, organics, or cleaning solutions, (hot or cold) without fear of damage or corrosion.
  5. The possibility of contamination of the reaction by attrited glass is eliminated since the PTFE stones will not scratch or abrade the glass ware.



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