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Bags, Gas and Liquid Sampling

Jensen Inert Products' Gas and Liquid Sampling Bags offer a convenient, reliable, economical way of collecting airborne chemical hazards. They are chemically inert, leak tested, mechanically strong, reusable, and non-contaminating.

Jensen Inert Gas and Liquid Sampling Bags are available in Tedlar®, Charcoal Tedlar®, ALTEF, Multi-Layer Foil, FEP, PFA, TFM, and other materials; with a variety of standard and custom fittings as well as optional metal eyelets for easy holding and storage.

Standard valves and fittings offered are: Polypropylene Screw Cap Combo Valve with Replaceable Septum, Polypropylene Locking Combo® Valve with Septum, Nickle Plated HR® Barbed Valve, Jaco® Plastic Fitting for Tubing or Septum, Stainless Steel Fitting for EPA TCLP method, Stainless Steel Swagelok® Type Fitting, PTFE On/Off Valve with Stopcock, PFA Fitting, Stainless Steel Push/Pull Valve, and Stainless Steel Fitting with Replaceable Septum.

Common applications are:
  • Assessing exposure from spills and leaks
  • Biogas and landfill sampling
  • Calibrating gas standards
  • Gas blending
  • Grab sampling
  • Measuring peak concentrations
  • Indoor air sampling
  • Soil gas sampling
  • Hazardous waste site sampling
Custom Sizes and Bags with Multiple Fittings Available.

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Gas Bags

Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bags

Tedlar® film has very low gas permeation levels for most compounds, and high tensile strength.
Bags resist puncture in the field.
2 mil Tedlar® film is an economical alternative to FEP bags.
Tedlar® is much less permeable than FEP, PFA and TFM and is unaffected by the chemical components of gasses generally sampled like, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon and mercaptans.
Tedlar® withstands temperatures up to 400 degrees.
Tedlar® is recommended in many EPA testing methods.
We offer Tedlar® Bags specially conditioned to remove DMAC and Phenol.

For more information about Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bags, please click the links below:
<i>ALTEF</i> header

ALTEF Gas Sampling Bags

ALTEF is a proprietary fluoropolymer film developed especially for the Gas Sampling market. ALTEF does not exhibit background levels of DMAC or phenol. ALTEF is chemically inert to most acids, aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds, chlorinated solvents, and alcohols. ALTEF has low VOC background and is suitable for most VOC's and many sulfur compounds. Longer sample storage times than most other bag materials.
ALTEF is not recommended for ketones or esters in high concentrations (>30%) and is not suitable for storing H2S.
Maximum operating temperature: 260 ºF

For more information about ALTEF Gas Sampling Bags, please click the links below:
inert 5 with locking combo valve

Multi-Layer Foil Gas Sampling Bags

Our Multi-Layer Foil Gas Sampling Bags are the best choice for collecting and storing H2S. Ideal for sampling and storing for low molecular weight compounds such as Methane, CO, CO2, Hydrogen, and inert gases which are not stable in Tedlar®, ALTEF, or FEP. Water and vapor proof, these opaque, flexible bags protect light sensitive compounds. They provide up to 5 day sample stability for many VOC's, with minimal adsorption. Opaqueness protects samples from ultraviolet light. Foil layers provide very low permeability and complete moisture barrier
Maximum operating temperature: 190 °F

For more information about Multi-Layer Foil Gas Sampling Bags, please click the links below:
Gas Bags

FEP Gas Sampling Bags

FEP is one of the most chemically inert materials for making gas sampling bags. It works well in extreme temperatures ranging from -400 to 400°F; allowing it to be used in most stack sampling conditions. Much more permeable than Multi-Layer or Tedlar®. Heavier gauge (0.005") film is resistant to most severe corrosives as well as tolerates applications involving rough handling or difficult service conditions. Virtually transparent.

For more information about FEP Gas Sampling Bags, please click the links below:
"C" Clamp Sealing Kits for Liquid and Gas Sampling Bags

Liquid Sampling Bags/Liners

Standard Liquid Sampling Bags are made from 5 MIL FEP or 2 MIL PFA film
Standard Sizes Available from 6" x 6" to 12" x 12"
Custom sizes upon request
Liquid Sampling Bags can also be made using Tedlar®, ALTEF, or Multi-Layer Foil Films
Liquid Sampling Bags are made with three (3) sides sealed, leaving one (1) side open to fill with contents. We recommend using our C-Clamp Kits for sealing the open side.


For more information about Choosing The Best Film, please click the link below:
"C" Clamp Sealing Kits for Liquid and Gas Sampling Bags

"C" Clamp Sealing Kits for Liquid and Gas Sampling Bags

Polyethylene "C" Clamps and Sealing Rods can be cut to any length. To make an airtight, leak-proof seal, place the "C" Clamp, open side up, on a clean, hard surface. Wrap the open bag end once over the round plastic sealing rod and push the rod down into the "C" shaped opening of the "C" Clamp, inserting the middle of the rod first, then moving outward toward each end. We recommend ordering "C" Clamp Sealing Kits at least 1" longer than the length of the bag end to be sealed. The Rod in each unit (kit) is longer than the "C" Clamp, for easy removal.

C-Clamp Kits can be ordered in standard lengths to be cut by the end user to needed lengths or you can order to size by selecting the part numbers ending in "X1".

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